Since May 2018 we have a class running. Here you can find information about the progress of this class.

There will be some additional informations, where to find explanations of the figures as well.

The list of figures is divided in three parts:

Explanations of all figures you can find on the following sites: The owners of the different sites is responsible for its content. We cannot assume any liability.

Basic 1

Figur / figureerklärt am /
explained on
1. Circle Left / Right17.10.2021
2. Forward & Back17.10.2021
3a. Dosado17.10.2021
3b. Left Dosado31.10.2021
3c. Dosado to a Wave
4. Swing17.10.2021
5a. Promenade (Couples)17.10.2021
5b. Promenade (Single File)31.10.2021
5c. Promenade (Wrong Way)
5d. Promenade (Star Promenade)09.09.2022
6. Allemande Left17.10.2021
7. Arm Turns17.10.2021
8a. Right & Left Grand17.10.2021
8b. Weave the Ring14.11.2021
8c. Wrong Way Grand
9. Left/Right Hand Star17.10.2021
10. Pass Thru17.10.2021
11a. Half Sashay31.10.2021
11b. Rollaway28.11.2021
11c. Ladies in, Men Sashay
12a. U-Turn Back17.10.2021
12b. Backtrack
13. Separate09.09.2022
13a. Separate ... to a Line09.09.2022
13b. Separate ... into the Middle09.09.2022
14. Split Two
15. Courtesy Turn31.10.2021
16a. Two Ladies Chain31.10.2021
16b. Four Ladies Chain31.10.2021
16c. Chain Down the Line
17. Do Paso09.09.2022
18. Lead
19. Veer
20. Bend the Line31.10.2021
21a. (Named Dancers) Circulate
21b. Couples Circulate
21c. All Eight Circulate
21d. Single File Circulate
21e. Split Circulate
21f. Box Circulate
22. Right & Left Thru31.10.2021
23. Grand Square12.12.2021
24. Star Thru17.10.2021
25. Double Pass Thru
26. First Couple Go... & Next Couple Go ...
27. California Twirl31.10.2021
28. Walk Around the Corner28.11.2021
29. See Saw28.11.2021
30a. Square Thru12.12.2021
30b. Left Square Thru
31. Circle to a Line
32. Dive Thru28.11.2021