Since May 2018 we have a class running. Here you can find information about the progress of this class.

There will be some additional informations, where to find explanations of the figures as well.

The list of figures is divided in three parts:

Explanations of all figures you can find on the following sites: The owners of the different sites is responsible for its content. We cannot assume any liability.


Figur / figureerklärt am /
explained on
1. Cloverleaf
2. Turn Thru
3. Eight Chain ...
4. Pass to the Center
5a. Allemande thar
5b. Allemande Left to an Allemande Thar
5c. Wrong Way Thar
6. Slip the Clutch
7. Shoot the Star
8a. Single Hinge
8b. Couples Hinge
9. Centers In
10. Cast Off 3/4
11. Spin the Top
12. Walk & Dodge
13. Slide Thru
14a. Fold
14b. Cross Fold
15. Dixie Style to an Ocean Wave
16. Spin Chain Thru
17a. Tag the Line (In, Out, Left, Right)
17b. Tag the Line (Fractions: 1/4, 1/2, 3/4)
18. Scoot Back
19. Recycle